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I have a sunny day with sandalwood. When I was a child, I had a long hair like a waterfall Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I loved it and combed my grandmother in front of the dressing table with the sun shining. At that time, the sky was a sunny day, and it was dyed with a layer of plain warmth, swaying on the clouds. Wind bird, still. One meter of sunlight was softly scattered on the shoulders, and the grandmother gently opened the drawer and slowly took out the sandalwood comb. It has been polished by the years to be as moist as jade, and its sandalwood aroma has never dissipated, so that Grandma's clothes are also stained with sandalwood. It was slowly taken up, and my grandmother held it and touched my hair. At that moment, it was soft and soothing. The messy hair was smoothed from top to bottom, and as the morning light gradually turned into gold, the spot was no longer a small circle, and began to spread densely, evenly spreading the whole body, warming The smoke was a little intoxicating, and it was the sandal scent of the wooden comb, which became the unique sunny day that I loved, and the dust was hidden in my heart. Grandma's movements are so light, light enough to attract every factor in the sun, and the sun is stronger. After my grandmother combed my long hair, I divided them into three places. The two bundles were kept very thin on both sides, not to the back of the ear. So I moved the stool and sat down on my side, turning old with an old man, even with a tired body. She picked a transparent small hair ring, put it on her finger first, then divided the small bundle into three places, one layer on one layer, and then stacked the other one on top of it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the splendour of my little sunny day Wholesale Cigarettes. I enjoyed the warmth of my grandmother's rough hands and enjoyed the sound of a sandalwood incense. Blinking, looking at the mirror in front of the grandmother, has long passed the time, after thousands of years of grinding mirrors Cigarettes Online, wrinkles strips distributed, deep recessed and raised, I feel bad. She quickly compiled another bunch. I once again observed her lips, dry and not a few extra ruddy, seemingly inadvertently touched the softest part of the heart, heart, if there is no touch, surge I can't even feel the crisp sound of my grandmother's hair band. Turning around, looking up to the sunny day, those clouds that passed through the vast blue sky, along with the spring, make every corner of the heart shine, and Grandma is a sunny day in my heart. Put the middle hair loosely, and send the hair on both sides. It is the princess who gave me the granny when I was a child. It is light and lively. Those people will always be the memories of childhood until the grandmother sleeps forever. I left the sandalwood comb and gave me the eternal sunny day. A drop of crystal slipped out of the corner of the eye and fell into the silky sandalwood. [Second 2] The window is clear, the Rizhao West Bridge, the cloud shakes. It was devastated by the wind and rain yesterday, and it was sunny again. It��s
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