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Corum C082 / 03599 - 082.646.01 / 0251 HO01 Coin hub Replica

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Replica Corum C082 / 03599 - 082.646.01 / 0251 HO01 Coin hubo

With its new lab line, Corum Coin hubo C082 / 03599 - 082.646.01 / 0251 HO01 aims to take risks and experiment. This series of timepieces eschews the traditional code and instead offers a machine-first approach to watchmaking. Heritage Corum Lab 01 meets Heritage Corum Lab 01. Striking design and hollow micro rotor movement.

The first two "LABS" are limited edition barrel-shaped wristwatches that bring their architecture and hollow movements to the foreground. The lab doesn't have many dials, so wearers can enjoy the watch's inner workings. The barrel-shaped case measures 39.85mm x 55mm and has a soft curve that contrasts with the powerful angles. Made of titanium with black DLC coating, the side of the case is decorated with embossed rubber inlaid, and with a "limited edition" title. It also has a crown at 6 o 'clock. The automatic movement CO 410 is a "shape movement" with miniature rotors. Alien movements are rare because they are measured only on a particular watch or case, while circular movements can be adapted to a variety of models. It was made by Le Cercle des Horlogers, a rising maker of movement parts, drivers for several independent watchmakers and a company that provides behind-the-scenes work for several prominent figures in the industry. Three-dimensional skeleton best swiss watches movements look high-tech in volume, contrast material and color.

Miniature rotors can be seen in the upper right corner. The mainspring is visible, mounted in a propeller-like gun barrel, enhancing the technical look of the watch. With a working frequency of 4Hz and a power storage of 50 hours, the Labs 01 is equipped with a rubber watchband decorated with the Corum key logo and fixed by titanium alloy with a tri-discount. Available in two versions, red or white trim. These brands, limited to 99 pieces, were displayed at the inauguration ceremony of Beijing branded boutiques. The price is set at 13,800 Swiss francs. The Corum Bubble is a supersized wristwatch with a playful and radical design and an impressive oversized sapphire crystal dome. It was born in 2000, when Corum was owned and managed by the late Severin Wunderman. After a few years' absence, it re-emerged at the 2015 Basel international watch and jewelry fair, and one factor cemented its success: the bold limited edition! Today, we take a look at one of the boldest models, the Corum Bubble Shark mono-pusher chronograph -- absolutely love it or hate it. At Baselworld 2018, Corum has released several new models, including a limited edition of the single push chronograph. That includes the shark version we're reviewing today.

The first shark bubble swiss automatic watches was introduced in 2004, and the 2018 edition is a single-button chronograph with a PVD titanium case. At 47 millimeters in diameter, it's definitely not for the faint of heart - even if it works well for a watch of that size. The Corum Bubble Shark mono-pusher chronograph has a striking head on the dial with a splayed jaw. Rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are hollow, while small second hands and chronograph minutes are depicted as "propellers". The date appeared in the shark's mouth at 6 o 'clock.

Inside is the automatic movement CO 771, based on the tested and tested Valjoux 7750, reprocessed into a push-button chronograph with La joux-perret. It runs 28,800 vibrations per hour and can store up to 55 hours of power reserve. Turn the watch over to see the sapphire back. The rotor adopts the brand logo and the black finish matches the dark appearance of the watch. The Corum Bubble Shark mono-pusher chronograph is worn on the black rubber strap and decorated with the red "Corum key" logo. The Corum introduced its first coin watch in 1964. This model is undoubtedly one of its most iconic watches. If coin pocket watches have been made for decades (usually in ultra-thin watches hidden under hinged covers), the brand's coin watch is innovative because of its novel structure cut in half from the coin to cover movement. More than 50 years later, Corum still makes coin watches. Classics stand the test of time. The maker of the La aux-de-fonds added a cool modern note to the watch at the 2018 Basel international watch and jewelry fair by venturing into unexplored art. If it was a long-term practice, it really developed during the great depression, when homeless or unemployed people hand-carved COINS and turned them into works of art that could be sold or traded. Tramp COINS vary widely, but often feature "souvenirs" - symbols of death, skulls or skeletons. Most of the time, the original font of the coin will be respected.

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