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Including an old friend that I had forgotten abou

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t"Giants sign a pair of relievers to minor-league dealsWith games getting ready to start we are still waiting for a few big shoes to drop in free agency. As we wait Derek Jeter Jersey , teams are still loading up on minor-league deals on some solid veterans that should probably be getting more than that minor-league deal. The Giants grabbed a couple of relievers on Thursday, and one of them seems as though they could have and should have done better. That would be Nick Vincent, who was the first of the two to agree to his minor-league pact. The former Mariners righty has never quite been a star, to be fair, but he’s been a very, very good setup man for a long time. He’s the quintessential seventh inning arm. Over his seven-year career, he’s never had an ERA of 4.00 or higher (to be fair his ERA in 2018 was 3.99), he’s had one year with a FIP of 4.00 or higher and only two with one over 3.00 , and only one year with a DRA of 4.00 or higher. Over his career, he’s pitched to a 3.17 ERA with a 3.07 FIP and a 3.21 DRA. Again, Vincent is not someone for whom the fanbase will go crazy over with excitement, but he’s a very solid addition. A minor-league deal for him is a steal.The other part of this is that old friend Fernando Abad also signed with the Giants. I had totally forgotten about Abad and really wasn’t even aware he was still pitching. In fact, he didn’t pitch in any affiliated ball last year, with his last appearance at any level coming with the Red Sox in 2017. This is because, and again I totally forgot about this, he failed a PED test last year and was suspended for 80 games. Abad will try to come back with the Giants. I wouldn’t bet on it happening Mariano Rivera Jersey , though he was a little better than he got credit for in Boston. John Farrell’s insistence on using him against righties killed his numbers at times.Jed Lowrie to get MRI on ailing kneeMore news from an old friend. The Mets had a big offseason this year highlighted by the additions of Edwin Daz and Robinson Can, but they also boosted their infield by signing Jed Lowrie. There were many here who wanted to sign the former Red Sox utility man given the question marks surrounding Dustin Pedroia, Eduardo Nez and Rafael Devers. It wasn’t unfair, but it also was never realistic. One of the reasons Lowrie has not made a bigger name for himself over his career has been his injury history, and it’s already catching up to him now. He has been dealing with a sore knee, and the Mets are sending him back to New York for an MRI. Hopefully this is nothing serious, but the Mets are going to treat an early injury like this with caution. The Red Sox could eliminate the Yankees from the postseason with a win tonight. If the Yankees survive, Game 5 will be on Boston on Thursday night."Can you just feel the excitement of the lone postseason game coming up on Tuesday night? It’s Game 4 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Red Sox. The Red Sox could wipe the Yankees right out of the postseason tonight Babe Ruth Jersey , following on the heels of last night’s ridiculous beatdown in which the Yankees had to use a position player to pitch in a postseason series. That seems like that should count as an automatic elimination right there. Not that I have much interest in the Red Sox winning this series. Screw them forever. But that’s also true about the Yankees. Between these two great evils it is an ever-evolving process to decide which is the lesser at any given moment. The specter of Jeffrey Maier from decades ago always shoves things away from the Yankees, but in this case I just think it would be hilarious if the 108-win Red Sox are beaten in the ALDS, so... that may be the slight preference.The Yankees turn to CC Sabathia with their season on the line. Sabathia was pretty good this year, so that’s not a bad guy to turn to. The Red Sox turn to Rick Porcello, who was OK this season, though he still ended up with a 17-7 record despite a 4.28 ERA because the Red Sox scored 876 runs.

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