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How can we minimize the usage of smartphones from our life ?

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Mobiles have become popular among people a few years ago. The arrival of smartphones has given this wide popularity to mobile phones. High-speed internet connection has brought the world to our fingertip. It has become possible to access any data around the world through our smartphones. We are able to know what is happening even in the extreme corner of the world within seconds. Though this development is a good one, it has resulted in many demerits to the people. People have become very much used to the smartphones that they are getting addicted to it. It has become impossible for them to spend an hour without the use of it. This addiction is making a negative impact on their personal and official matters. Here are some tips that would help to free us from smartphone addiction. Social media platforms are the most common thing that we check in our phones. First step is to delete all social media accounts. It will be very hard for a daily user. But we have to make our mind to take this step. Back to back notifications will trigger our mind to check our phones. It is good to mute all the notifications that annoy us. Learning to control our minds is one of the skills that would help to cure our mobile addiction. We can achieve this by practicing meditation and other breathing exercises. We should follow a no phone policy in certain places. At home, we should use the smartphones only if it is urgent. We should not take our phones to our bedrooms, dining rooms or to any family meetings. Checking phones in between a serious talk is like insulting the speaker. Stop the smartphone usage at least an hour before going to bed. I hope by regularly following these tips we will be able to control our smartphone addiction. The Cheap Essay Writing Service will give more details on this topic.

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I think it is impossible to do because we all have a good social engagement for which we are using smartphones. So as a writer at UK genuine essay, according to my research, it is impossible but yep we can minimize it by increasing our other activities, and in my thoughts, it is the one and the only way to do that.

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You are right after coming to mobile phones we give more importance to our mobiles. But in your post, you shared a very good way that can help us to minimize the usage of smartphones. We should do any writing and ignore the mobiles.

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