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Where the Orioles will go next is to be determined.

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What’s certain is they will be led by different people. Today’s stuff: Some reflecting on Buck and Dan , success in instructs, and more."Hello, friends.There are now 174 days remaining until the next Orioles game. This also happens to be the first day of the post-Buck Showalter era for the Orioles, what with yesterday’s news that Showalter and the O’s would be parting ways now that his contract has run out. It also is the first day of the post-Dan Duquette era, since the team announced on Wednesday night that Duquette would not return next year.Just like that, two more links to the winning 2012-16 teams has been severed. The man who managed those teams that continually exceeded everyone in the wider baseball media world’s expectations is gone. The man who built those teams out of the perpetual 90+ loss dreck that came before him is gone. If you want to get technical, they will be gone at the end of the month when their contracts run out.Those who follow after will be hard-pressed to assemble a team as good as or better than the 2014 AL East winners from the parts available. Hopefully whoever comes next can get some better parts in the draft, in trades, on the international market. Maybe that person can even sign a free agent who lives up to what the O’s claim they are.It was time to move on, but it’s still sad that it was time to move on. When we all look back on the Buck and Dan tenure 10 or 20 years from now, I think we will remember the era fondly. This has been the Buck Showalter era of the O’s and they made the postseason three times in five years in the middle of that. Buck was a part of it. Dan was a part of it. The players who were here we are part of it. They were great, but it’s over now.The fact that the Orioles struck so relatively quickly in making these decisions just a handful of days into the offseason is a bit unexpected. They are not known for moving decisively at the ownership level. The team said in a press release yesterday that the next person - he or she - to lead the baseball operations department will come from outside the organization and will have the final say on all decisions to improve the team on the field. It’s the right thing to say, but we’ll see if the candidates come away believing them. It’s been a while now since the chaotic series of rejections that led to the O’s having to settle for Duquette back before he was hired. Maybe nothing has changed with how the Angelos family wants to do things. Maybe everything has changed. Let’s hope for the latter.Whether there’s more O’s news today or not, the playoffs move on. Both National League Division Series matchups get under way this evening. The Rockies and Brewers are up starting at 5:07 on Fox Sports 1. Later, it’s the Braves and Dodgers at 8:37 on MLB Network.Around the blogO’sphereOrioles announce departures of Duquette and Showalter (School of Roch)With some reactions from Showalter and Duquette themselves.A brief timeline of Buck Showalter’s managerial career (Baltimore Sun)Buck has been at this for a long time. Baltimore was only his latest successful stop.Orioles will be in full force to watch Victor Victor Mesa’s showcase in Miami (The Athletic)One wonders how these plans have changed now that the boss who assigned these guys to go watch the Mesas has been let go. Can interim GM Brian Graham have the authority to make a signing if the O’s like what they see?Don’t remember Buck Showalter for Orioles season to forget (ESPN)I wasn’t planning to do it, but thanks for the reminder!DL Hall is No. 1 prospect in South Atlantic League (Steve Melewski)Baseball America deemed the O’s first round pick from last year to be the best prospect in his league. That’s kind of exciting, although the league is a long way from MLB.O’s draft picks on display at instructs ( are nice things about Cadyn Grenier in this article. How much success at instructs matters is another story, of course.Birthdays and anniversariesIn 1969, the Orioles beat the Twins, 4-3, in the first ever American League Championship Series game. Prior to that, there were no divisions and the winner of the league was just the regular season champion. The Orioles also won ALCS games on this date in 1971 and 1979.In 1993, the sale of the Orioles to the ownership group led by Peter Angelos was approved.In 2001, the Orioles deployed both Tim Raines Sr. and Tim Raines Jr. in the same outfield, making them the second father-son duo to ever play in the same game, after the Ken Griffeys.In 2016, Zach Britton did not pitch.A few former Orioles have birthdays today. They are: 2017 swingman Alec Asher, 2016 late-season addition Drew Stubbs, 1992-94 infielder Mark McLemore, 1974-75 pitcher Dave Johnson (not that one), and the late Don Lenhardt of the inaugural 1954 Orioles.Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your birthday buddies for today include: 19th president Rutherford B. Hayes (1822), author Anne Rice (1941), Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa (1944), Def Jam founder Russell Simmons (1957), actress Alicia Silverstone (1976), actress Rachel Leigh Cook (1979), and actress Dakota Johnson (1989).On this day in history...In 1363, the month-long Battle of Lake Poyang between forces of warring Chinese rebels Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang concluded. Zhu was victorious in one of the largest naval battles in history Sean Rodriguez Jersey , eventually setting up the downfall of the Yuan dynasty and the rise of the Ming dynasty under Zhu, or as he was later known, the Hongwu Emperor.In 1853, the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Russian Empire, thus beginning the Crimean War.In 1927, Mr. Gutzon Borglum began the sculpting of Mount Rushmore. The project took about 14 years and had to be completed by Borglum’s son Lincoln as the elder Borglum passed away months before it was all done. Originally, the presidents were going to be depicted from head to waist.In 1957, Sputnik 1 became the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. As a result, America threw more effort into its own space program and began the Space Race.**And that’s the way it is in Birdland on October 4 - or at least, unless something happens later, which now that the O’s have started making decisions, it might. Have a safe Thursday. Low BABIPs are impacting players in different ways. Let’s take a look at the various ways."Another week in the books for college baseball, which brings us another day closer to the 2019 MLB Draft. Arizona State is now the only remaining undefeated top 25 team after NC State lost on Sunday. My boy Kameron Misner had a rough weekend against a good Arkansas team. He was 0-12 with 6 K’s. Just a really poor showing. If you want to be a top 10 pick, you can’t just feast on bad teams.I’m going to start incuding some resources moving forward, in case you want to see top prospects lists.Fangraphs Big Board 200Baseball America Top 200MLB Pipeline Top 50Also, here’s my spreadsheet that has stats (through 3/16) and some additional info. With that, let’s start discussing college prospects.College player stock trending upMichael Busch, OF/1B, North Carolina - Despite having a BABIP below .300, Busch’s slash line of .290/.516/.516 is still quite good. He has a ridiculous 32% BB-rate vs a 12% K-rate. At some point Busch is gonna heat up and I feel sorry for the teams he takes it out on. I also talked about Busch as someone to watch this year. It’s easy to see why, the guy is built like a tree.Brady McConnell, SS, Florida - A draft eligible sophmore is off to a hot start. Which is saying something since he barely sniffed the field last year hitting .198 in limited ABs. McConnell’s slash of .341/.404/.471 is good, but could be a bit misleading. His BABIP is quite high at .490. One could reason that the high BABIP coupled with a low BB and high K rate could see a hefty drop in performance. For now, let’s continue to enjoy his hitting and see if he falls back down to earth.Aaron Schunk, 3B/RHP, Georgia - A 2 way player, but most likely will be a hitter at the next level. As a pitcher, he throws around 88-91 so while he doesn’t throw hard, he keeps his pitches in the strike zone. He does have 7 saves, but if anything, maybe he’s a bench piece that can come in and throw an inning in a tight pinch. As a hitter, he’s been pretty good - .333/.349/.590 (4 HRs). He doesn’t walk nor strikeout much, just makes solid contact.Will Wilson, SS, NC State - Let’s take a quick check on the SS that some mock drafts have the Braves selecting. Wilson has led the charge for a very good NC State team that lost their first game of the season. Still, NC State did take 2 of 3 from #1 ranked Florida State. Will is slashing .333/.420/.600 on the season with 4 HRs. He’s also sporting a 14% BB-rate vs a 16% K-rate. Solid numbers, but top 10 material?Ryan Olenek Felipe Vazquez Jersey , IF/OF, Ole Miss - There’s a couple of things to like about Olenek. He offers positional flexibility as being able to play the OF and 3B. He’s mainly moved all over the OF though. The second thing about Olenek is that he’s one of the toughest hitters to strike out. Last year he carried a 6% K-rate and this year it’s 8%. He’s slashing .405/.489/.527. Despite being 6’5”, he hasn’t really shown much power as he has just 1 HR on the season and totaled 3 all of last year. He is a senior, and thus will impact his draft stock as a cheap senior sign. If the Braves are looking to sign 2 expensive players with the first 2 or 3 picks, Olenek would offer them flexibility within the first 10 rounds to save a few dollars.Luke Berryhill, C, South Carolina - Transferring from a JUCO last year, Berryhill is off to a fantastic start. As a redshirt sophmore, he’d need to be a high pick or simply go back for his Junior year. He’s a good hitting catcher, so you know there will be a premium. Berryhill’s slash line of .299/.419./731 is more than good when you consider his BABIP is around .270. He also have 6 HRs and 16 total XBH. Also, he walks more than he strikes out, but did strikeout on a 99 mph fastball from Cole Wilcox (UGA!).Matt Cronin, LHP, Arkansas - The closer for Arkansas throws 91-94 and maxes out at 96. He’s been nearly unhittable with a 0.89 WHIP and hasn’t given up a run yet, though with only 9 innings pitched. The Braves aren’t likely to sign Kimbrel. Minter is injured yet again, and will Vizzy be back next year? There’s so much uncertainty for the closer role or just the back of the bullpen. And while guys like Gohara could end up in the pen, it’s upsetting as there were a few high quality relievers that the Braves didn’t take in last year’s draft. Suffice to say, it would make a ton of sense for the Braves to draft some high quality relievers this year. You can never have enough depth.Seth Johnson, RHP, Campbell - If you look at Johnson’s overall numbers, you’d think he was nothing special. He does have a 1.00 WHIP and hitters are only hitting .159 against him. If anything, I’d say he’s been a bit unlucky with runners on base. As a pitcher he’ll sit mid 90’s and throws a curve, slider and change. He does have work to do on his secondaries, but he can get his pitches over for strikes.Jake Agnos, LHP, East Carolina - Agnos only stands 5’11, but the lefthander can sit 92-94 and offers a solid curve. He throws strikes and racks up strikeouts (41 K’s in 29.2 innings). He’s likely a reliever long term, but there’s a lot to like here.Andrew Schultz, RHP, Tennessee - The 6’3” junior sits around 95 reaching as high as 97 in games. It was reporting that he was hitting as high as 101 in the preseason, but nothing like that has been reporting in game. He hasn’t pitched much the past 2 seasons, so he’s got a pretty fresh arm. On the season he’s pitched just 5.2 innings, but does have 13 strikeouts and a 0.96 WHIP.College player stock trending downWill Holland, SS, Auburn - While Auburn is off to a fantastic start (18-2), Holland hasn’t helped much. With just a .227/.393/.273 he’s not offering much and absolutely no power (0 HRs). He does have a 21% BB-rate vs a 14% K-rate, so the issue isn’t his eye at the plate. He does have a low BABIP at .288, but he’ll still need to turn things around quickly if he doesn’t want to hurt his stock.Braden Shewmake , IF, Texas A&M - Expectations were sky high after Shewmake hit over .300 along with 11 HRs as a freshman. His power numbers were down as a sophomore, but he still hit for a high average. As a junior, Shewmake has gotten off to an unlucky start .268/.337/.390 and hasn’t shown much power. There’s still plenty of time to turn things around, but his stock will start dropping if things don’t pick up as the season moves along. As a positive, he is walking more than he’s striking out, and he’s very tough to punch out (8% K-rate). While he’s not hitting, let’s see a nice defensive play.Josh Jung, 3B, Texas Tech - Jung is in the running as a top 10 pick. The lack of power is a real concern and at some point that will hurt his stock. He’s slashing .315/.439/.389 with 0 HRs. It’s not like he’s unlucky, quite the opposite as his BABIP is .390. Jung hit 12 HRs last year and a good amount of doubles. He’s not even hitting doubles with just 4 on the season. He’s a good player, but can a team afford to take him in the top 15? As I finished writing this, Jung hit a 2 run homer, his first of the season. Go figure!Graeme Stinson, LHP, Duke - Heading into the season, Stinson was one of the college players I liked the most. I really thought he’d be able to carry over his mid to high 90’s fastball as a starter. Or at least see a slight dip in velo. However, he’s sitting around 88-92 as a starter, and even his slider hasn’t looked the same. He’s still striking guys out at a high rate, but his walks per 9 is unsustainable at 6 per. If he can’t correct some things, no team will buy him as a starter and he certainly won’t be a top 15 pick.Nick Trogrlic-Iverson, RHP, Gonzaga - A JUCO transfer that was one of my favorites and a fellow Canadian like Freeman and Soroka. His fastball sits in the low to mid 90’s and his slider flashes plus. His transition has not been kind as he’s sporting a 4.82 ERA with a 1.92 WHIP. He’s been a starter most of his career, but Gonzaga has had him coming on in relief. As a junior, time is on the line so Nick will have to figure things out rather quickly.Mitchell Senger, LHP, Stetson - Senger had a fantastic Sophomore season in which he threw a no hitter. However, things can change in an instant. He had a very poor Cape Cod and that has carried over into the season as he’s put up a 10.45 ERA with a 2.97 WHIP. Although he stands 6’7 he only throws 88-91, so if he’s not locating, he’s toast. As you guessed it, he’s not locating. He has 14 walks in just 10 innings. He’s lost his starting role and has been coming on in relief. I haven’t seen if his fastball plays up in the pen, but if you aren’t throwing strikes, it doesn’t really matter. Needless to say, his stock, while never truly all that high, is now much lower.That’s it for this week. Let me know your thoughts on how some players performed this week on the diamond.

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