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The new defensive coordinator is already bring

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ing the energy."Understandably Tyrann Mathieu Jersey , Steve Spagnuolo is a hot commodity right now.Kansas City Chiefs fans waited a long time for a new defensive coordinator, and they got one in the form of a man with 18 years of NFL coaching experience.So the Chiefs continued to feed the beast Thursday with two new videos of ol’ Spags:The guy’s got jokes! 5 + 6 = 11!The unfortunate reality is there were points last season in which fans would have taken five defensive linemen and six linebackers on the field.By the way, our own Craig Stout seems to have been right on the money with his takes Thursday morning.Spagnuolo discusses new defensive line coach Brendan Daly in video two (from old friend BJ Kissel):Daly is an interesting addition, given that it seems he was passed over for the Patriots defensive coordinator position, New England instead going with Greg Schiano. Spagnuolo’s words Damien Williams Jersey , “three Super Bowl rings,” do speak volumes, and reading into that brief profile, it sounds like Daly may be serving Spagnuolo as an assistant defensive coordinator of sorts.Daly will coach the defensive line in Kansas City and has also been named the run game coordinator, so own Aly Trost put together a look at the Patriots defense against the run during his tenure. Another one from BJ:This is somewhat clich stuff Derrick Thomas Jersey , sure, but I do like the final point.The problem with the Chiefs defense all last year is that it felt like its ceiling was doing just enough to win. Spagnuolo wants to be a reason the Chiefs win. More hot Spags contentSteve Spagnuolo and Brett Veach have broken new groundSteve Spagnuolo says he benefited by taking a year off from coachingFive takeaways from Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s opening conference callThe Chiefs’ move to Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator is less about scheme and more about style The same 50 media members who voted for the All-Pro team also vote for the other AP awards. And the All-Pro voting points strongly toward the man who will become the 2018 MVP.That man is Patrick Mahomes.The Chiefs quarterback received 45 of the 50 votes at the quarterback position, with only five voting for Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Given the reality that in most years the award goes to a quarterback, given that the Chiefs and the Saints earned the No. 1 seed in their respective conferences, given that Mahomes threw for 50 touchdown passes and more than 5 ,000 yards, given that he put together a highlight reel in one season better than most quarterbacks compile for a full career, and given that Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald didn’t set the single-season sack record, it would be more than a shock at this point if Mahomes isn’t named the MVP the night before the Super Bowl.So clear the spot on the shelf, Patrick. You’ll be putting the first of likely many MVP awards up there in 29 days.Assuming you’re not otherwise getting ready to chase the only individual award better than regular-season MVP: Super Bowl MVP.

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