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On a Sunday afternoon

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On a Sunday afternoon, I went to a restaurant called "Shengrui" downstairs to have afternoon tea Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. The reason for coming here is because this store is newly opened, and I just need a place to seduce the name, although it is afternoon tea, but it is not for tea. Afternoon tea is equivalent to afternoon sorrow - of course, this is My own noun, eaten at about 10:11 after dinner, called the nightingale, then eat about three or four after lunch, it is called afternoon Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. It��s just a moment to have afternoon tea, because I haven��t been drinking afternoon tea for a long time. The shop is not very big, but the table has a spare place. Probably few people have this leisurely and elegant afternoon tea. . I picked a table far away from the window, because the window of this store is transparent and does not contain curtains. The pedestrians outside the store can see what I am doing, but when I eat, I am looked at by strangers and eat. Uncomfortable. And that table is more suitable for me, because the pedestrian can't see my move, and there is a shelf next to the newspaper, and I can pick it up and watch a waitress come over. She is wearing a light yellow overalls, surrounded by An apron, whispered and asked me what I wanted. I saw the menu and ordered a lemon tea, a dish of croquettes, a steamed bread, a bag of French fries, two chicken fillets, and I thought about these things. How much is the total amount of money, oh, 23 fast, this is my daily food expenses. I didn't hesitate, I ordered these things, and I usually worked hard and tired. Now I have to work hard. After my waiter left, I found that the surroundings were very quiet and there was no noise. Compared with the vegetable market in the street. It��s almost a day and a day, no wonder she��s talking in a whisper Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, it��s afraid of disturbing this silence. Everyone whispers in a conscious voice, and occasionally the sound of a cup collision is heard, but they don't feel bored. The audio in the store plays a soft music, which is very quiet and harmonious. I suddenly felt like I was coming to another world. The world is not noisy, no jealousy, only peace. I picked up a newspaper and carefully read it. The first page followed up the development and construction of the local Jiangxin Island. At the same time, I attached a picture of the current construction situation. The content of the second page is very messy. There are several articles. The composition of the primary school students also has corrections, as well as advertisements for real estate investment in the city square. The third page is some local news, such as the current market price of food, such as the addition of a bus, etc., the fourth page has not had time to see, The waiter put all my things on a plate, on the left is my lemon tea, in the middle is a dish of croquettes Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, on the right are two chicken fillets, wrapped in two paper bags, and the French fries are placed At the front, it is also wrapped in a paper bag. The waiter took the same from the plate and placed it with me. Suddenly, a waiter came out again. She said to herself that she forgot to take the toothpick. I am sorry. I just smiled at her and said that it doesn't matter. I used a toothpick to fork a croquettes. It was round and had a golden outer shell. I bite it with my mouth. It was sticky, sweet inside, and hot. . I even ate a few, and took a bite of lemon tea to moisten my throat, but this lemon tea was so bad that I almost spit it out, and eventually I swallowed a small mouthful. I want to see the newspaper, do things all the time, read the newspaper is no exception, but also give me some time to recover my teeth. The content of the fourth page is beyond my expectation. It has nothing, only a panoramic view of the real estate. Figure, the sales number of the property is written below. I was disappointed to put the newspaper back in place, picked it up on the shelf, picked up an entertainment newspaper and casually read two pages. I was not interested in what I said. I didn��t have the heart to look at it. The store was quiet, I suddenly I remembered a few days ago when I went to the bookstore to buy books with my friends. The bookstore is located on the fourth floor of a large shopping mall, surrounded by a variety of shops, clothing stores, restaurants, toy stores, etc. It is unremarkable in the entire mall. When we arrived, it was very quiet. There were many children reading books there. They all had a book in their hands, or stood or sat on the ground, watching with relish, no one was playing, no one. Quarreling, the bookstore is so quiet that even the breath can be heard. My conversation with my friends must be very quiet, and the sound of turning the book is even louder. After leaving the bookstore, I felt that it was so quiet. I was brought back to reality by a ringtone. It was Zhou Chuanxiong��s "The Secret of Winter". It turned out that a guest��s phone rang, he got up and quickly went outside the store Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery. Just answering the phone, everyone is trying to maintain this serenity. I slowly eat my food, eat some croquettes first, then eat chicken, and finally eat French fries, and finally, the rest. The meatballs are finished. I ordered a cup of lemon tea because these fried things were too hot. I used lemon tea to reduce the fire. No one was bothering me to eat. The waiter didn't, my friends didn't, and no guests came to me to fight at the table. I enjoyed it alone. This piece of tranquility, enjoy the time of this alone. I finished the food in my plate. I practiced the disc operation very well. There is one third of the lemon tea. I finished it with a sigh of relief. I just like this acid. Jin, although the process of drinking is a little uncomfortable, but afterwards it was sour and sour, the throat was like the nourishing of the mother-in-law of the mother-in-law, and I bought the order, and quietly left the store, I think, this store It is like a quiet paradise, giving us those who live in the big cities and who are used to fast-paced life to slow down and relive their life. This is where it attracts me. There are many places where you can have afternoon tea, but I like this shop.

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