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All along, we are working

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All along, we are working hard to be a practitioner. Viewing the ethics of the female ethics, learning the family motto, understanding the morals Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, and doing filial piety, progress a little bit every day. The tone of talking with the children's family is softer, and the outsiders communicate more humble mornings, put on classical music, let the temperament of "Taiji" sweep the night, and quietly walk to the dusk on a day of rest and play. The moral education stories of the past dynasties, "Jiangge negative mother", "Zeng Jianyang Zhi", "Wen Wang Wenan" ------Each story is instructing how to be a filial person Newport Red 100 Online, how to be a sage . These stories not only infiltrate the young mind of the son Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, but also point me how to be a good mother, a good wife, and a good wife. The father-in-law who lost her mother-in-law too much took care of her father��s stroke. Although she was able to take care of herself, she left behind the sequelae. Walking hard, the hand is not very audible. After the mother-in-law left, he even lost his fighting spirit. He was lying in bed all day, sighing and sighing: he didn't want to live, he died when he died, and it also dragged you down. Every day I have to ask him to get up, I make breakfast, and accompany him to stay at home Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. After an hour of rest, he started to take him to exercise, walk slowly, raise his arms, lift his legs, and his legs could not lift, and I kneel down to help him lift, every time he was sweating. He is reluctant, tired, knowing that I am good for him. But I am afraid that if I don��t listen to me, I will stick to it. I will look forward to my going out so that he can take a day off. "Old child, small child" I finally realized that my lover is busy, and the task of bathing my father-in-law falls on me. My dad didn't wait like this. His old man is in good health. He is singing and dancing. He can play with his life. His father-in-law will praise him. Every time he takes a bath, he will say: My life is so good, I will show you a good wife. Our family has accumulated virtues Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices. My family, your uncles, and your daughter-in-law have not waited like this. My heart is also very beautiful. People love to listen to good words! I said: You must be my benefactor in your life. I came to your house to honor you in this life. I came to repay my understanding of the cause and effect. I began to learn Buddhism and listen to the Master. Deeper understanding of the truth of "the house of goodness must have Yuqing, the home of poor families must have a lingering". Everyone's fortune is limited. If you consume it and enjoy it, "Ford" will be scattered. If you don't like it, the consequences will be with us for the rest of our lives. Therefore, we must learn to accumulate wealth, even if it is a word of appreciation, an encouraging eye can achieve a person, this is how much fortune. As long as we are willing to do it, I will do good deeds all the time. Sometimes I will be troubled by namelessness, arrogant and uneasy, I don��t know how to get rid of it. I heard the "Six ancestors" explained by Master Hui Law. It turns out that our clean self is self-sufficient. Each of us is a Buddha, and we all have a pure Buddha heart, but we are confused by greed and obscured by all attachments. Therefore, troubles, depression, and our hearts are not free. As long as we work hard to cultivate the joys, sorrows and sorrows, we will be able to do the Lord, and we will be able to retreat (time training and let go) and we will have a period of detachment. We will return to clean and soft, we will still be persistent, we will worry, will we separate? I am working hard. Be a good practitioner, the sky will let me fly, the world will be bright. Free, free ------- practitioners

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