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Messaggio 11/04/2019, 8:58

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One day I talked about the topic of travel during a night run with a classmate. The classmate said: "I can't accept anything without planning. I will travel to another city. I don't book the hotel first. Where do I go after I arrive? The place where I live is not implemented first. How can I continue the next line? I said: "You can settle the hotel after you arrive. As long as it is not a weekend of Golden Week, the accommodation is not a problem at all. I really can't go shopping for a night's street, sit in a restaurant or coffee bar for one night. This year, the store that is open 24 hours a day is very surprised. "How can this be done! This will affect the entire trip." It affects the mood and state of the whole process. I can't accept the situation you said, but I accept it for granted: "I just think that the journey is very different, there is a different kind of romance. It is also a unique experience. The classmate said: "There is a lot of people. I smile: "A person can do it too. The classmate shook his head: "I can't accept a person's trip. I feel boring. I don't even talk to you." It��s not as good as watching TV indoors alone Newport Box 100S Carton. Also, it��s dangerous for a person to go out at night. I said, ��How many people are free, where do you want to go, no need to accommodate anyone. . If you are bored, you can listen to songs, write a travel note, or you can chat with strangers. It's so interesting. As for the evening, who told you to go to the black alley of no one, said: "Even if you don't go to the black alley, there may be many unpredictable accidents. A girl, going out alone is always dangerous for the classmates. Some of my views are too dark, saying: "There are many accidents and dangers in the world, but that doesn't mean you will meet them. Moreover, if you haven't set off yet, you have already filled up so many bad things. Things? You can't think of good things. The classmates shook their heads and said: "You seem to be too naive. The world is not as beautiful as you think. I also shook my head: "Because there are many unhealthy places in the world Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, we Only want to be beautiful. My classmates said: "You are very courageous. I said: "You are too insecure. In the end, it is a matter of security. The lack of security is the most important reason why that classmate gave her this view. And I can accept a lot of unknown situations, just because I don't feel insecure. I don't think that girls must stand in the crowd. They don't think that girls must live in a crowd, nor do they think that girls can't go alone and wander. I think that girls should have a strong inner heart and the courage to be brave Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. I don't feel so lonely. I think that the journey is very enjoyable. Even when I was young, I heard my mother let me go alone. After the grandmother��s words, I cried! I said that I like to travel, I like strange cities. From the out of the train station or the airport, as soon as I breathe into the atmosphere of a strange city, my mood will become very beautiful. Even if I used to think that the bus station, train station or airport was a parting representative, it was like a snake. I can talk freely with strangers in strange cities, and listen to the strange accent. Even when I was young, I was scared by strangers and ran home to hide in the room. I would go out and look for food from different places. I would enjoy the process of bus and subway in a strange city. I would like strange streets. . Even if I am tired of being crowded, I don't like it. I am not afraid to get lost, even if I don't have a sense of direction. Perhaps it is the number of lost times, and it has become accustomed to getting lost. I don��t know what the map is, I don��t want to ask for a road at most. When I asked for directions, I suddenly remembered something. I had lost my way with two male friends on the streets of strange cities. When everyone was confused, I subconsciously went to find a passerby. After asking the way, I saw the two friends looked at me with amazement and asked questions. They listened to them: "In general, girls should not be embarrassed to ask for directions or dare to ask for directions. I said: "So I am not a normal girl. The two male friends admire me while I was speechless and said, "Yes, you are not a normal girl." Actually, I don't think I have anything to admire. In my opinion, asking for directions is only A thing that is normal again and normal. I can't understand why girls don't dare or are ashamed to ask for directions - perhaps understandable Cigarette Wholesale Prices, because maybe those girls are always cared for. And I seem to have not seen myself as a girl since I grew up Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. When I was young, I had a lot of things that I was afraid of, but when I grew up, I rarely felt scared again. I am not afraid of the night, not afraid of thunder, not afraid of ghost stories, not afraid of jealousy and mice, not afraid of others' incomprehension, not afraid of parting, not afraid of strange things. I don't know why I am so brave, but I am also relieved of my courage. My friends said that I would give people a very reliable and very secure feeling. They concluded that I can give people a sense of security. Therefore, friends who have no sense of security themselves like to play with me. But those friends ignored a little. My sense of security is given by myself. I have never been close to who is going to give me a sense of security, because in my heart, I always know very well that no one can give myself the best and most secure feeling except myself. Others are others, different from their own. What you give to someone, you can never guarantee that the person will take it back, but his own is always portable, everywhere. Avoid worry and avoid fear. Some people say that the best sense of security is that the rice is in the pot and the money is in the pocket. Whether it is rice or money, you have to go by yourself. So in the end, the sense of security, you still have to give yourself. Don't tell me what girls are too timid and normal. Don't tell me that girls need people to protect them, so they are weak and nothing, let alone tell me that girls don't feel safe. What about girls, girls should give themselves a sense of security. Lost, don't always wait for someone to come to you, you have to learn to ask for directions and finally reach the destination you want to go. After all, there are always people who are not willing to go to you, and those who are willing to go to you will one day be tired to find you. Sad, don't run alone to a strange place to vent or to go to some messy bars to eliminate, you can take a good sleep, or about a friend to complain. Don't put yourself in an unsafe situation. When you go out, remember to carry a bag with paper towels and lipstick, an umbrella and wallet, and a mobile phone and charger. Remember the numbers in the phone's address book to be backed up elsewhere, and don't always put cash and bank cards together. Don't let yourself happen to something that you can expect, and don't take anything out of the way because you feel troubled. One day you will be glad that you have the equipment. The best sense of security is given by yourself. With a sense of security, you will have the courage to go forward. You will be stronger and stronger, enjoy a person's time, like a strange feeling, and fall in love with unknown things. I wish you one day no longer afraid of what you are still afraid of today, wish you, fall in love with loneliness.

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