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Every year, the college entrance examination will become a hot topic for a while, and this year's college entrance examination, as a candidate for parents, has more experience and feels more attention and support from the society. People are both moved and pressured. I have been working in Hanzhong for more than six years, and my son has been studying for six years. When the college entrance examination is approaching, the relatives and friends�� phone calls are somehow more. They are concerned about the preparations for the son��s college entrance examination. After some inquiries, they will have to worry about how to take care of their children��s lives and not give them too much pressure. In this way, at the beginning, I still have a lot of warmth and touch, but the more I feel, the more I feel the pressure. I think that if I get too bad, I am sorry for the enthusiasm and concern of these relatives and friends. After returning to Hancheng, the parents at home were even more cautious, even if they had to speak low-pressure sounds. The square aunt who couldn��t stop every day actually stopped, and calmed down, the air was unknown. I am nervous. In the small area and outside, the banner of the slogan against the college entrance examination on the street is a timeless stimulating nerve. The college entrance examination volunteers from all walks of life focus on the gates of the major examination areas. The traffic police dispatched so many people to conduct traffic control and rent early. The green channel of the car all the way to pick up the candidates free of charge, let people feel the support of the government, the support of the society is extremely warm. It is said that in Hancheng, I don��t know which test area, the team teacher will forget the admission ticket for the students who are in the class Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes. After the traffic police knows this, they immediately use the motorcycle to take the teacher and fly all the way. The admission ticket, dozens of candidates exams were not affected. After hearing this incident, countless parents were moved to know what to say, and once again people feel that the Chinese college entrance examination is a "big day" thing, candidates and parents have a feeling of being favored, but also one more An unnamed pressure transfer and waiting parents have become a unique landscape for the college entrance examination. I have been studying hard for more than ten years. I have the efforts of my children and the efforts of my parents. The college entrance examination was originally a child's business Cigarettes 100'S, but now it has evolved into a parent's business. Preparing for the college entrance examination, the school will hold a variety of parent conferences to give parents a lot of demands. When it comes to the college entrance examination, parents are fully committed to the logistics work. They dare not have the slightest sloppyness. No matter how busy they are, they should also take time off to accompany their children to complete the college entrance examination. Of course, most of the unit leaders are still "reasonable" at this time. Will be "green light release." The first game of the college entrance examination is the most parents. The Chinese have always been particular about it. I don��t know where it came from. It��s said that it��s the mother of the candidate who took the test in the college entrance examination. Wearing a cheongsam can make the children��s college entrance examination ��winning the flag��; wearing red clothes There is a good sign of "opening the door". As a result, at the entrance of each test site, it became a good platform for the candidates' mothers to compete for each other. The various cheongsams were obviously much more than usual. The red and pink clothes are also extraordinarily eye-catching Newport Box 100S Carton, and the attractiveness of the mothers is not only eye-catching, but also relieves the pressure on parents. The parents who pick up and pick up the waiting room have high-end cars such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz; there are worn motorcycles and bicycles; there are well-dressed ��Guifu�� and old ��old farmers��; they are all gathered in the examination room. Outside, sitting or standing, knowing, not knowing, this time has a common topic, all talking about the child's study, all talking about the exam is a matter of going to school Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. Some parents talked and laughed freely, and their looks relaxed; some parents were frowning and heavy-faced; some parents were eager to express their opinions and talked loudly; some parents looked down and muttered... Here you can see all kinds of things People can also see a variety of demeanor, it is really a "microcosm" of the society, the parents waiting for a test to form a unique landscape, the most bitter and most tired is still children. The protagonist of the college entrance examination is of course the candidates. The college entrance examination is really important in China. It not only allows you to "Guangzong Yaozu", but also the civilians who do not have "backing", no "background", and no "available resources". It is the key to changing the fate and future of the latter half of life. A fight. Perhaps for a teenager, for these reasons, they still seem to understand, but the impact from the society, from the teacher's constant emphasis, and most parents year after year, day after day The teachings are enough to make these children feel the importance of the college entrance examination, and of course there is more pressure. I don't know how many candidates have to suffer from the pain of insomnia before the test. The test pressure of two days and four games is enough to make them unbearable. In the case of extreme tension, I still want to test good results. The anxiety can be imagined, but we can't understand it. Not to mention the far, in the first test of the first day of the college entrance examination, in Hanzhong, there is a candidate, I heard that it is a repeat student, because of the pressure, may get the language test papers in his hand to make him feel a little ignorant The measures, jumping off the building on the spot, gave us the shock and touch of the parents of these waiting places. I have a classmate who also participated in the invigilation of this year's college entrance examination. She is the first time to visit this scene. He has a deep understanding of his WeChat: the instructor of the college entrance examination must have a certain amount of tolerance, she invigilated In the examination room, during the mathematics examination, most of the candidates�� expressions were grim, and the expression was disappointing and helpless. There was also a girl who was crying and answering the test papers. Looking at these, she was heartbroken and heartbroken. But there is nothing to help, love can help. This year's high-level examination questions are generally difficult. For the top-ranking students, the impact is not great, and it will not have much impact on the children who have learned badly. The most bitter thing is that most of the students who have learned the intermediate level. The first language test came out mostly, but after the math test, it was "silently", disappointed, skeptical, fearful, and all negative emotions came up, and we continued to face the next exam Cigarette Wholesale Prices, so Said, it is really a child. For them, this is not only a demonstration of knowledge, but more importantly, a test of the quality of the heart and challenges. Therefore, parents have lamented that as long as the child can successfully complete the exam, it is a success in life, do not put pressure on the child, and the children are not serious, naughty, and open-minded in the original learning process. Can forgive, or even feel that as long as the child is good, the results do not matter. The 2017 college entrance examination ended this way, although there will be many things to continue in the follow-up, scores, enrollment, admission, in the continuation of time, everyone's Concerns will gradually weaken, and the hot topic of the college entrance examination will also drift away as the autumn wind blows, and life will return to its original calm

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