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2017 is over

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Messaggio 28/03/2019, 5:21

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2017 is over Cigarettes Wholesale Online, and in 2018 it is slowly coming in the fluttering snowflakes. In the calculation of the year, I have been in the "short literature" for a year. Looking back on the past year, there are hardships, joys, gains, unexpected surprises. Even 017 is an auspicious number for me, it is my harvest. A very rich year. "Seven on" is the prospect of folk sayings for the future. In the year of 2017 "seven", I have already taken a dream sailing boat. Voyage 2018 "Word Dream" is my childhood dream, passionate poetry, life. Navigation mark. However, I lost it in the most beautiful years. I thought that my life was no longer with the text, and I passed by my dream. After all, the seeds planted in my youth did not meet the roots of the rain three years ago, on a spring night, my The teacher picked me up in the middle of the road, "Write something", "Can I write?", "I believe you can write", "I will try it," so I regained my dreams more than 20 years ago. It was the spring rain that took root. Although the dream is already sprouting Newport Short Cigarettes, the reason for the busy work and the untouched text for more than 20 years, the stacked text is exempted from strong and strong for three years. The sunshine in 2017 is exceptionally bright, when the warm sunshine of "Short Literature" shines. My icy hut, I woke up completely from the dusty dreams, and I came out from the complicated world, accompanied by words, and I couldn��t get rid of it. In May, I registered in "Short Literature". After three months of hard work and the power of using milk, I signed "Short Literature" and then climbed the peak of my longing. I know that the road ahead is long and long, and arduous. And rough. My mother said to me distressedly: "Well, you are so busy at work, you have to spend so much energy to do such a thing, are you not tired? You are not good, don't do it, leave some time to rest, The body is important. I am calling me. If I don't work hard, then I will regret it for life. In order to pursue my dreams, I lost a lot of time to meet and talk with friends. Because I have to read a lot of books, write at the desk, and also hit the keyboard, cervical spondylosis. Frequent recurrence. Sometimes I also question myself, is it worthwhile to pursue a dream, every time a poem is published in the "Chinese Writers' Network", an article is recommended as "short literature" public reading or being pushed " The small prose, published by the public, will once again make me excited. The pen in my hand will once again anchor and sail. 2017 is over. For a person who is not too young to regain the old dream, I am very satisfied, but I I can't just lie in this little smug, I am looking forward to higher peaks and innocent oceans, maybe steep walls, cliffs, reefs, wind and waves will dampen my soul and Respect, will shake my beliefs, will poke my dreams, but I have enough faith and confidence to meet all the challenges. 2017 has passed, embracing a small harvest year Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, I sincerely thank my teacher, Thank you for letting me regain my old dreams and lead me to the path of writing. Thanks to his father-like, brother-like patience and care; I sincerely thank "short literature", "short literature" let me touch the clouds of the sky Let me hear the songs of the birds and enjoy the lively villages. It is "Short Literature" that allows me to spread the blue sky and let me look farther and farther away; I sincerely thank the literary friends in "Short Literature" Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I am accompanied by you along the way Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, warm as spring, have songs and dreams; I sincerely thank anyone who helped me in this year, they let me see the love of the world, the warmth of the world. At the same time, I thank myself for your efforts. It is the contribution of every minute, let me see the direction of hope and progress.

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