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I have a sister, she

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I have a sister, she has a pair of big eyes, a small cherry mouth, a high nose, a pink face, very cute. She likes to eat very much. When she sees something, she eats it all the time. This makes her grow fat. She can't wear it when I was a child.ause my sister likes to play with me, my mother took her to our house for a week during the summer vacation. My sister is a famous scammer, and she has countless ways to deal with my magic weapon. day, I was reading a book. She ran to my room and asked me: "Sister Cartons Of Marlboro Reds, I want to eat the sugar in the refrigerator, can I?" Um? Did she find the sugar I secretly hide in the refrigerator? No! Can't let She ate Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online, and her mother said she couldn't let her eat sugar Order Newport 100. Eating sugar would make her fatter, and it would affect her intelligence and hurt her teeth Newport 100S Price In Va. So I pretended not to know, asked: "Sugar? Sister has no sugar, you go out, don't affect me reading!" But she didn't listen, still stubbornly asked me: "Sister, you lied to me, there is sugar in the refrigerator. I want to eat, can I?" "No! Go out, I have to read!" I am a little impatient. "No, I want to eat sugar! I want to eat sugar!" She sprinkled her. Oh, it doesn't seem to give her sugar to eat. I had to say, "Okay! Go take it!" "Really? Sister?" she asked happily. "So I got it?" She ran quickly to get the sugar. Looking at the back of her jumping, I can only smile, my heart screamed: "A good little cat!"ther time, my mother cooked the fish, and at the end of the table, my sister and I were robbing the delicious fish. I searched carefully in the bowl first, and selected a particularly satisfactory fish steak. I was about to clip it up and eat it. She saw it. I saw her "Oolong stir the sea" and stirred the fish steak. Going. Forget it Newport 100 Wholesale, she is still small, don't care about her, I said in my heart. But the next thing makes me even more angry. My sister and I found a fish belly at the same time. You know, this is my favorite food. Her eyes were fast, she grabbed the past, stuffed her mouth and chewed it, and made a face for me. When I saw it, I didn��t want to fight. Hey! It��s so small, I��m Zheng Hao! Zheng Hao is angry, but the consequences are very serious. I grabbed all the things in her bowl. When she was in a hurry, the golden peas fell and the crying was deafening. I thought to myself: It��s awful, my mother must have heard it. My mother really heard it, and came out and taught me a meal. Oh my god! What is the truth? I secretly complain in my heart.

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