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In the hospital, a sick

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In the hospital, a sick old man was lying on the bed, the bed was covered with cold instruments, and a red and yellow line leaped up and down on the screen.t this point, the room was crowded with people. There are his children and relatives, only one person is not present, that is his grandson, his most loved grandson.w days ago, the old man was still able to speak. I called Grandpa. He could still respond and asked me to study hard. But now he is pale, his eyes closed, his mouth open and breathing. How the relatives shouted at him did not answer, no response Cartons Newports Sale. A doctor walked in. Everyone consciously let go of a road. He used various instruments to detect the elderly. The doctor said aloud: The old man can't live today, only about half an hour.he old man's daughter burst into tears, and the teardrops fell one by one, biting her lips. She rushed to the bed and cried in tears: Dad, you have worked hard for us for a lifetime, you can't go, you haven't enjoyed it yet.ld man��s son rushed to the old man and cried: Dad, do you remember me? I am your son! You can��t leave us! old man��s wife had been in the same boat for decades Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale. He had been accompanying him to take care of him when he was sick. She cried and shouted: "How can you bear to leave me? You can��t go! She has already cried." people.this moment, the "Oops" door was pushed open.eleven-year-old boy came in and he was the grandson of the old man. He didn't know what happened when he looked. He slowly approached the hospital bed and watched the grandfather who had been so in love with him in the past. The tears could not help but fall. At this moment he remembered his scene with his grandfather. He remembers that every year his grandparents took him to Guilin Newport 100 Wholesale, Guiyang, Huaihua and Shaodong to travel, and Grandpa cares for him. He remembered the scene where Grandpa picked him up every day when he was in kindergarten Cost Of Carton Marlboro 100. He also remembered that Grandpa would prepare his favorite dish every day Newport Cigarette For Sale. Grandpa bought him toys and bought food. Such a good grandfather is now lying on the hospital bed. The child grasped the guardrail tightly with both hands, choked and kept yelling: "Grandpa..." A drop of deep affectionate tears shed from the corner of his eye.enly, the old man��s eyes opened. He woke up and his eyes looked at his most beloved grandson. His eyes flashed with tears and then closed his eyes.e child��s dream is to be a painter. He wants to paint grandpa, grandma, father, mother, those who love him.t now, the child��s dream is brokent waiting for him to become a painter, his grandfather will leave himold man's ventilator was unplugged, and the doctors determined that it was meaningless rescue. He had already died in the brain. And think that he can live for half an hour.
tedly, the old man actually lived for nine hours. The tenacity of his life has infected everyone, and everyone is shocked by the tenacious life of the old man.

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