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There is a sand river in my

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There is a sand river in my hometown. The clear rivers flowed day and night, bringing endless joy to people.g is coming, the willows by the river highlight the green shoots, and the grass reveals a small head from the ground. Slowly, the pink peach blossoms are also blooming on the branches. The little swallow flew back from the south and flew freely on the clear water. The bird stood on the branch and screamed, as if to say: "Spring is beautiful, spring is good."he summer of the summer, the scenery of the river is more beautiful. The banks of the riverbanks are shaded by trees. Leisure and cool people gather in groups of three on the banks of the Shahe River. In the evening, my father will take me to keep me free to swim in the Shahe. That stock is very happy.utumn, there is a bumper scene everywhere Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S. The fruit on the shore was ripe, the poplars took off the green dress, and the leaves fell in the sand river, slowly drifting away.he autumn to winter, Shahe is not lonely. The snow that flies in the sky, the ice does not freeze in the river, and it still flies like that, and it doesn't stop Cheap Cigarettes Newports. Like a child Shahe in my hometown Cigarettes Online Usa Only. I love the scenery on both sides of the river and love her constant flow of water. Because it nourishes the land on the shore, millions of people in the Weihe River cannot do without it. Teacher Zeng, in the 6 years of elementary school, you not only led us into the hall of knowledge to teach us all kinds of life philosophy, but also take care of us like a mother.s you, silently working hard and sweating behind, but not asking for any return; it is you, feeding us from an ignorant child into a sensible teenager. What about us? What do you say to the teacher? Sincere, sincere, thank you? No need for too many languages, often affectionate only in the lines between words.l remember that after school every afternoon, the teacher was sitting in the office alone to correct the homework and prepare the text. The teacher looked like a red candle and illuminated us, but did not illuminate himself.mber, the teacher cares and cares for me, teacher, you are as kind as my second mother.ember, when I was in the first grade, after I left school that day, when I returned home, my parents were not at home. My stomach was hungry but I couldn��t find anything to eat. I couldn��t help but burst into tears. Then I went back to school to find Mr Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. Zeng. Zeng teacher saw me crying like this. I looked at me with a gentle look and said, "What is it? Why didn't you go home?" I said, "...teacher... I... Dad... Mom is not at home, I... well... hungry..." That was the twitching of my crying. When the teacher listened to me, he said, "Nothing, Mom and Dad may have something to go out, go! Go to the teacher's house, the teacher will cook you delicious, okay?" At this moment, I immediately stopped crying. Jumping home with the teacher! After entering the teacher's house, the teacher told me to go to the living room to sit, and she went to the kitchen to give me a good meal. After about half an hour, the dinner table was filled with hearty dishes, wow! I have my favorite tomato scrambled eggs, braised pork ribs, fried chicken legs... I can't help but see the food in front of me. The teacher saw me this silly, and immediately gave me a meal and told me to eat Buy Cheap Newports. Let's go! Little cat! Hey, I smirked at the teacher. Then, my goal immediately aimed at the food on the table, and immediately gorged it! After eating, I patted the round belly of the drum, it was so delicious! After the teacher sent me home, after seeing my mom and dad have returned home, the teacher was relieved.her, thank you for being a gentle thank youf you are the most beautiful sun in the sky, then we are the lovely grass in the ground, you are giving us a new life. You help us day and night, take care of us, you have worked hard!ish the teacher can have a sunny smile and a healthy body every day. You are a miracle worker. You have nurtured us. We deeply, deeply, thank you!

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