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I don't know when, a new family moved upstairs, a pair of grandparents. I often hear a group of old ladies who like gossip in the community talking about her family's situation. More or less, I also know a little: The girl just graduated from college and worked as an intern at a company, and her parents were killed in a car accident not long ago, leaving only her and her grandfather. My study's study is next to the stairs, so the girl will pass under my eyes every day when I come back in the evening. She is chubby and looks happy. "Come back, give." Grandfather's hoarse voice sounded. "Thank you." The girl's voice is uniquely rounded. The sound came from the stairway and it was heard that it was the dialogue between the grandparents and the grandsons at the corner of the stairs Cigarettes Online. In a blink of an eye, a few years have passed, and I have successfully entered junior high school. After the weekend, I routinely wrote homework in the study room. A familiar figure flashed past the window. By feeling, I knew the girl. "Come back, give." "Thank you for listening. I found that in the past few years, almost every evening, the same dialogue has been heard in the mouth. Plain, natural, like a verse, "give," what to give? I suddenly wanted to figure out what this was. The next evening, when the girl's figure flashed from the window of the study, I gently pulled the door open and poked half a head. "Come back, give." The old man said, slowly reaching out and shaking the baby's flat shoes to the girl. "Thank you." "The granddaughter took the cloth shoes handed by the old man. Next, I saw a scene in which the old man took the bag from his granddaughter, and the granddaughter bent over and put the pair of shoes on the ground, reaching out to take off the high heels, expertly Put the foot into the cloth shoes, then look up and grandfather smiled happily. When the granddaughter changed the shoes, the grandfather slowly bent over and lifted the high heels. The granddaughter took the grandfather carefully and slowly went upstairs. It turned out that the grandfather knew the granddaughter. Wearing high-heeled shoes on the upper floor is easy to cripple, so every day I support the railing downstairs alone, with cloth shoes waiting for the granddaughter at dusk, the city lights are dazzling but quiet and peaceful, there is no beautiful words, no deliberate carving In the heart of the year, the flowers of warmth have bloomed Carton Of Cigarettes.
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