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What is your belt really about? Holding up your trousers? Sure. But it can also be used to make a style statement, add a personal touch to formal wear, create a clear distinction between your top and bottom half, tie an outfit together, and much more. Not one to leave you zoned out in such times, beltbuy brings to you a wide selection of men leather belts from brands, including Levi's, Being Human, Wrangler, and United Colors of Benetton. From Yellow to blue, brown to black; be prepared to find a spectrum of color choices at beltbuy.

Dive into our sea of options for men buy men leather belts online, and choose a style that befits your pant and suit, or chinos and T-shirt combination. Tan, medium brown and dark brown men's leather belts match well with a pair of jeans and a sports jacket. While a black leather belt for men may look better with formal pants and a shirt. Choose other colors in men's leather belts such as red, white, and blue, and bring a fun change of pace to your outfit.

When selecting a casual or dressy casual belt, pay close attention to the width, finish, and type of buckle. Wider belts are generally more casual, as are men's leather belts with a matte or non-glossy finish. An open buckle is also considered less formal, simply because it is less decorative. Try the blue textured belt from Roadster with a tang clasp. Wear it with grey trousers and a light blue shirt for a brunch with a girlfriend. You could also choose the braided leather belt from Levi's and wear it with your green shorts and a yellow T-shirt for a day at the beach.

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