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Camping made the same claim of a "spiritual" fulfillment sleeping bags for adults back in 1994 after his prediction that Christ would return that year proved false. This is exactly the tactic used by Charles Taze Russell, founder of Jehovah's Witnesses, in 1888 about an "invisible" Second Coming in 1874. I think Chaplain Mike has hit the right note here. As someone who has passed through the Protestant tradition from "right to left" I too find myself asking, "What provides an adequate basis for distinguishing ourselves from him?" That really is a question I know I need to grapple with in the wake of this story. Thanks for sharing this Mike.As I see it& that's how Christians do define themself. I read the George Barna book "Unchristian" and loved it. Having converted from Catholicism to looking into Mormonism to Evangelical Christian the book really resonated with me. My experiences with my family taught me how much Christians are defined by what they don't like, believe, etc& But when I de-coverted I noticed more so how many Christians are known by what they oppose. Or how people lump them together. Harold Camping was on the fringes but many people will associate Camping with evangelicalism because of the Left Behind series, etc..

You say, in your pamphlet, that so long as we are alive we can pray for one another; but once we die, the prayer of no person for another can be heard, and all the more exped sleeping pad because the martyrs, though they cry for the avenging of their blood, have never been able to obtain their request. If Apostles and martyrs while still in the body can pray for others, when they ought still to be anxious for themselves, how much more must they do so when once they have won their crowns, overcome, and triumphed? A single man, Moses, oft wins pardon from God for six hundred thousand armed men; and Stephen, the follower of his big agnes sleeping pad Lord and the first Christian martyr, entreats pardon for his persecutors; and when once they have entered on their life with Christ, shall they have less power than before? The Apostle Paul says that two hundred and seventy-six souls were given to him in the ship; and when, after his dissolution, he has begun to be with Christ, must he shut his mouth, and be unable to say a word for those who throughout the whole world have believed in his Gospel? Shall Vigilantius the live dog be better than Paul the dead lion?

such craziness gets me fired up. not so much that i feel the need to vent like i used to. wringing hands & being remorseful because of gloating over the intensity of negative press misplaced IMHO. it is this after-the-fact somber considerations a day-late-and-a-prediction short. i have no sympathy for Camping or those he duped. it could be if others in the church could have coordinated a concerted 4 person backpacking tent voice in speaking out more strongly against the apparent stupidity, the collateral damage could have been minimized.2. It is in times like these that I really love being Catholic, the magisterium is there to prevent this kind of nonsense, we can argue about the little things and some of the historical issues. But these are men who devote their lives to making sure that the Dogma the church follows is sound, I know how some feel. But I for one find that a great start place, I have not shut off my mind, and I still study. But if I've gone way south of their teachings then I have to re-examine mine, I simply use them as a marking point for systematic theology.

Meanwhile, Camping⬠"!s non-profit was proceeding as if the all-important date were irrelevant to business as usual. ⬠SWe're going to continue doing what we're doing⬠, one official explained after the failed date. Secretaries remained busy booking appointments for coworkers, and the organization had taken the precaution of filing non-profit extensions up to November 15th. And in the farewell letter he issued beforehand, Camping somewhat paradoxically urged his employees to ⬠Ssteadfastly continue to stand with us to proclaim the Gospel through Family Radio⬠. Hey, he⬠"!s already hedging his bets by talking ⬠Safter⬠. What⬠"!s that all about, anyway?But I am indeed laughing at them. Why? Because Rev. Camping made it clear that the reason the Rapture is coming now is because the world is so immoral that God must end it, like he did with the flood. And a prime cause of that immorality? Homosexuals gaining rights and respect around the world.

Our God is both a just and merciful God. We will be held accountable for those things that we have done that caused grief to our fellow humans and to God. But Jesus prayed as he was being crucified that the Father would forgive them because they didn't know what they were doing. Do any of us REALLY know what we are doing? We attempt to make sense out of things and do what we feel is best, but in the end, we have to rely on the love and mercy of God. Jesus showed us that over and over again. The apostle one person backpacking tent Peter denied knowing Jesus after having professed faith to Jesus' face that he was the Son of God. Did Jesus forgive him? Of course.Did I miss something or was Luthers reference about the superiority of the Bible over the Pope? how even an untutored bumpkin with a Bible was more than a match for the Pope without the Bible. And as to Camping and the rest yes another banner day for Christiandom I suppose this just points out that it is the Holy spirit that draws us into the fold Immagine with an irristestable and glorious force. And thank you God.

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