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ÿþWhile September air jordan 1 mid multicolor will have one notable Jordan Brand retro release thanks to the Doernbecher Air Jordan 5, October to December will have sneakerheads in a frenzy with multiple big name kicks dropping practically every other week and we're not even accounting for restocks that will surely happen in that time as well. Whether it is the return of an old favorite or a classic getting a fresh coat of bright red paint, there is a lot for Jordan fans to look forward to.But that doesn't mean the road to "Proceed To Checkout" will be easy, however. As has been the case since the beginning of time (for some of you, that was probably two years ago when sneakers became "cool"), the struggle to get the Js that you want has always been quite arduous. You might want to snag every pair of Jordans that we feature on this list, but here is a look at the people (real and imagined) that you be competing with over the next few months. Yeah, good luck with that. As a great man (or it might have been the great Winona Ryder, I'm not sure) once said, "it's nice to want things."

As we venture into a new generation of Jordan's, it is hard to not stop and pay homage to the Jordan's that bought us to this point. Some of which we haven't seen in upwards of 6 years. Everyone has that one pair air jordan 29 of shoes that they wish had come back out. Unfortunately, Jordan brand has put some colorways back into the vault. Comprised we have a list of shoes that the sneaker community hasn't seen in a while but are undeniably fire.Justin Tuck knows style. Professional and college football players everywhere have him to thank for the scariest facemask in the game. His custom facemask is now used prominently by defenders nationwide. Imagine the PE Air Jordan cleats he could think up. air jordan 2 retro He's one of two New York Giants on this list. You can't call it favoritism though, especially since the Giants are amongst the worst teams in the league. Yes, Hakeem Nicks is already sponsored by Jordan Brand, but Tuck would be perfect for the sponsorship.

When Nate Robinson packed up and headed to The Windy City before last season he vowed to lace up in as many Air Jordan's as possible. He made good on his promise early and often last season, rocking 3 different pairs in the FIRST game as a member of the Bulls. It was a solid combination of some Black Cement 3's, White/Red 12's, and capped off with some "Chicago" 10's. The heat didn't stop from there and Robinson only continued to break necks on and off the court. The dude even had the audacity to step onto the court rocking Yeezy II's in a matchup against Duncan and the boys. Don't expect this little air jordan 21 man's sneaker game to diminish now that he's in Denver. Jordan Brand ought to take notice and give Robinson a contract. I'd be first in line to try and cop a pair of "State of Nate" PE's.

Made in Italy, a follow-up to a classic and a pop culture staple. If this were any other shoe but the Air Jordan 2, we would be talking about one of the most beloved sneakers of all-time. Instead, the Air Jordan 2 is one of the most misunderstood kicks in the entire Air Jordan signature line. With a luxurious look that was unlike anything found in basketball shoes at the time, Michael Jordan's second signature appeared to be an improvement in every aspect from the Air Jordan 1, whether it's the materials, the craftsmanship or the performance. But when you're following up a legendary first effort like the Air Jordan 1, it seems like Nike could have done just about anything and nothing would have been good enough.

Our friends over at Champs Sports recognize the importance of the Air Jordan 2 and it's importance in the sneaker history, so they put together a list of 10 facts about the Air Jordan 2 that might make you change your mind as to why it matters.Ray Allen is no longer an active NBA player as he announced his retirement ( kind of & ) on Tuesday. There have been rumors and teases of a comeback since he last played in 2014, but now our choice for the greatest Jordan Brand athlete of all-time (and we stand by it) has taken his last smooth 3-pointer. Nobody had a prettier stroke and even though he'll probably lose that all-time three-point record in a few years to three Golden State Warriors players, they still can't top Jesus Shuttlesworth's form. And not only has he optimized the values of Jordan Brand since its inception, but his sneaker PE game is probably second only to MJ at this point. Here's my picks for the best Air Jordan PEs Allen ever wore.

Obviously, you hear " Shoezeum " and you think of the world famous, Guinness world record holding, "largest sneaker collection in the world." Well, Jordan Geller's channel is a like a trip through that collection, a couple pairs at a air jordan 1 gatorade time. All accompanied by sneaker history and tidbits  even the biggest sneakerheads will occasionally learn a thing or two !For this inaugural edition of our , we're taking a look at what everybody loves to talk about and that's Air Jordan retros. Here are 10 gems that you can find on the <�a href="Want to feel old or just have a realization that you've been doing this for a while now? That scene from the Montalban Theater in Los Angeles was from 2012, when the Nike Air Foamposite Immagine Galaxy dropped five years ago during NBA All-Star Weekend.

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