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travel purse

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travel purse
A travel bag that’s stylish enough to work with your outfits yet just right for travel is essential if you travel a lot.

Although you can probably use any handbag for your travels, the right travel purse is vital to hold your important travel documents and valuables when you’re on the go. Here are tips on how to choose the best travel bag and 10 of my favorites.

How To Choose A Travel Bag travel purse

First, Let’s Talk About What You Should Look For In A Travel Purse:
1. Low Key Style.
For safety’s sake, it’s usually good to leave your designer handbag at home, unless you’re in Monte Carlo or somewhere where everyone is walking around with an expensive handbag so yours won’t stand out.

A non-flashy travel purse is less tempting to thieves.

2. Comfort And Ease.
Choose one that’s lightweight, somewhat weather proof and easy to clean. Nylon is a good option because the material meets all three requirements.

How will you carry your purse and is the one you’re looking at comfortable? Wider straps will make the travel purse more comfortable on your shoulders.

3. Holds Everything In An Organized Way.
You may carry more than normal when traveling, so choose a travel bag that has plenty of pockets and compartments to sort out all your items.

4. Is Theft-Proof.
Although no bag is completely theft proof, choose one with zippers and snaps to prevent thieves from having easy access to your items.

Choose a bag that sits close to your body, like a cross-body style. Wider or heavy duty straps make it harder for someone to cut the straps and run away with it.

There are also bags specially designed to prevent thieves from being able to cut through them. Some of those are in my top 10.

5. Versatile.
A convertible travel purse, where the straps can be changed around, is helpful when you want to carry your bag in different ways.

Some are expandable to carry more items when needed. The more versatile your travel purse is, the more likely you’ll use it often.

You may want to take one larger travel bag and one smaller travel purse on your trip. You can slip your smartphone (to take photos) and your credit card in for a quick sightseeing trip.

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